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All South Florida tropical landscapes are dependent on effective irrigation. At Bermuda Landscape & Design, we believe the irrigation system is one of the most important aspects in maintaining plant health, minimizing disease, preventing damage or loss of plants, improving water usage, and reducing your costs.

Our goal is to protect your landscape investment and increase your property value.

Our Services include:

South Florida Irrigation Systems
  • Irrigation system design
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance
  • System repairs, rebuild or upgrade
  • System mapping and appraisal
  • Correcting coverage deficiencies
  • Conversion to drip systems
  • Minimizing pressure loss
  • Water conservation recommendations
  • Pump repair and maintenance
  • Irrigation water wells
  • Grading property slope to maximize irrigation
  • Time clock programming and timer adjustment
  • Modifications to valve zones or sprinkler head spacing
  • Repair or replacement of timers, sprinkler heads, valves and mainline pipes
  • Monthly irrigation system inspections and monitoring
  • License: U-#19951


Sprinkler System Maintenance Green Leaf

Sprinkler System Maintenance

Whether you have a large commercial property or a small residential home, this monthly irrigation check is an integral part in reducing water consumption, saving money and making sure that you are not in violation of city or county watering restrictions. "Put your trust in Bermuda Landscape & Design for all your irrigation needs"

The key to maintaining a healthy landscape is proper irrigation and most importantly, proper irrigation maintenance. You can be certain that even with the best landscape care there will need to adjustments, nozzle cleaning or repair monthly. You can rest assured that with Bermuda Landscape & Design the following services will be performed with each monthly wet check:


  • Test Irrigation Controller
  • Program irrigation controller per sight conditions
  • Test each zone for proper operation
  • Check & Service Control Valves
  • Check for breaks in Lateral Lines and Mainlines
  • Check all Mist Heads, Rotor's & Drip Lines. Clean or replace as needed.
  • Adjust all Sprinkler Heads for Proper coverage & Spray Patterns
  • Test Rain Sensor for proper operation & remote shut off.



Sprinkler Design & Install Green Leaf

Sprinkler Design & Install

Bermuda Landscape & Design is successful at planning, installing and maintaining irrigation systems throughout South Florida. We ensure that we understand your complete landscaping needs in order to provide the appropriate amount of water for your different planting areas. Our team reviews your landscape plants, grass types, soil quality, slope, sun exposure, and evaporation rates to make certain that your system will promote water conservation and plant health. We plan out your customized design with you before any digging begins.

We have over 30 years of experience in all phases of irrigation, ranging from large communities and golf courses to single family residential homes throughout Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, and Martin counties. We provide you with complete customer satisfaction no matter how small, large or complex your irrigation project is.

Bermuda Landscape & Design installs high quality irrigation systems using Irritrol, K Rain, Toro, and Rain Bird components based on your landscape requirements. Our licensed irrigation technicians have the diagnostic equipment and parts to repair or upgrade your existing faulty system to make it more efficient and reduce your water usage costs.

We program the system based on the water pressure throughout the piping system and proper time clock settings for your different irrigation zones and plant areas, using spray heads for turf grass and water-conserving drip systems for shrubs and groundcover. We maintain and repair your irrigation pump to ensure optimum capacity and to balance the flow rate and discharge pressure.

Bermuda Landscape & Design will provide you with an efficient and high quality irrigation system, and much more. View our full landscape installation and maintenance services that we offer to commercial and residential clients throughout Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, and Martin counties.




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