Bermuda Landscape Keeps Safety & Wellness A Top Priority

At Bermuda Landscape, we have been monitoring the development, regulations, and guidance surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Our team takes the safety of its employees and clients very seriously, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that all the precautionary measures are taken when providing the best possible service.

At Bermuda Landscape, we have implemented the following comprehensive safety guidelines during COVID-19:

  • Daily all-staff communications within the company to inform, educate, and reinforce Standard Operating Procedures, best management practices, and possible next steps
  • Cleaning and sanitation protocols for all common spaces including trucks and equipment. (Tools, handles, steering wheels, etc.)
  • Hand sanitation stations at all job sites
  • Minimized use of shared equipment and tools
  • Gloves & face masks, particularly when in close contact with others
  • Social Distancing whenever possible

According to Gloria Branch, Director of Business Development for Bermuda Landscape: “Our team is an amazing group who have adapted to changing protocols, enabling us to continue to honor our customer commitments while protecting everyone’s health and wellness.”

Bermuda Landscape marked their 30th anniversary with a robust expansion plan and new branding campaign that captures the elements of the tropical landscape they create and maintain every day. 

We are all in this together and you can trust Bermuda Landscape to continue monitoring the COVID-19 situation, so we can serve our customers and employees appropriately. 

Please Stay Safe and Healthy!

To learn more about Bermuda Landscapes’ portfolio of services and landscape projects, visit or call 561.432-0030.