Arbor Care, Tree Removal and Relocation

We provide complete commercial and residential tree care services throughout the state of Florida. We're equipped to safely remove, relocate and dispose of any tree, and are qualified to provide tree trimming and surgery services for jobs of all sizes. We not only offer a wide range of services and expert advice, but also have a plant nursery and tree farm that lets you select quality specimens from 70 acres of field grown hardwood and fruit trees, palms and container plants.

Our arbor care and palm management services include:

  • Ongoing tree inspections for monitoring, maintenance and mitigation
  • Treatment of trees to eliminate problems
  • Removal, relocation and replacement of trees and palms
  • Tree trimming, shaping and surgery
  • Straightening and resetting trees after hurricanes
  • Root pruning
  • Grubbing, stump removal and grinding
  • Tree and palm fertilization
  • Specimen palms and hardwoods from our tree farm
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) and disease control
  • Brush and lot clearance
  • Debris removal and vegetation hauling
  • Waste recycling and reuse
  • Mulching

Our Landscape Maintenance Services Include:

Artistic Shaping

Corrective Pruning

Crown Reduction

View clearance

Hurricane Safety


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