Does Landscaping Really Increase Residential & Commercial Property Value?

First impressions count and when a buyer for a home or customers of a commercial property see amazing curb appeal and a well cared for property, they are more likely to buy.

Bermuda Landscape

Landscaping can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your individual property, and hundreds of thousands to multi-residential, commercial and public properties. It’s one  improvement project that you can do that not only adds value right away, but can increase in value over time with proper maintenance as your plantings grow fuller and more robust.

Planning The Landscaping

The more attention you put into the landscape, the more value buyers or customers will attach to your home or commercial property-roughly anywhere from 5% to 12% more, depending on where you live. Researchers found that the plant size and design planning that is put into the project (not simply hedges or flower beds but also well placed shade trees and islands of plants, or a focal point) has the most effect on your property value and curb appeal.

According to Michael Davies, Sales Director for Bermuda Landscape: We work cohesively with the landscape architect and general contractor as well as the homeowner or commercial project manager to construct the ideal landscape and ensure long-term satisfaction. In terms of the design process, you must consider many factors beyond the visual appeal: soil, weather, salt tolerance and location in order to construct a landscape that will endure in a tropical climate.  Landscaping is an investment that, when done well, will have a marked influence on the property value for years to come.

Landscaping Tips to Maintain Your Property

Cutting fresh edges around planting beds; having a sharp, well-defined edge between grass and mulch or dirt helps maintain the landscape’s professional appearance. Also regular fertilizer treatments on your lawn to create a lush carpet vs. a patchwork quilt of uneven greens and invasive weeds. For homeowners seeking to update seasonally, add splashes of color with flowers and colorful annuals, larger perennials and maintaining shrubs.

Bermuda Landscape

Bermuda Landscape marked their 30th anniversary with a robust expansion plan and new branding campaign that captures the elements of the tropical landscape we create and maintain every day. To learn more about Bermuda Landscapes’ portfolio of services and landscape projects, visit or call 561.432-0030.